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Why advertize on PhotoTac.com?
 Because it's an easy way to reach community of thousands of firefighters, EMS providers, and anyone interested in fire and rescue.   
As of April 2009, PhotoTac.com is receiving well over 1000 unique hits every week and is growing rapidly.
The website and the equipment I use to shoot my photography is expensive and sponsorship has become critical
to keeping the project alive.
Every time I shoot a fire, I send out a notification to hundreds of individuals to notify them of the new photos.
These folks visit the site daily and tell their friends and colleagues about it. 
It has become an important resource to the fire & rescue community in Indiana and continues to grow quickly. 

Banners on PhotoTac.com currently cost US$50/week.
 Your banner will be displayed for 30 days on the main Index page of current incidents (the most visited portion of the website) and will be rotated with other banners from other advertisers, if any exist.
(Note: Semi-annual and annual contracts are also available at a slightly reduced rate.  Contact me for more information)

How to advertize on PhotoTac.com
To advertize on PhotoTac.com, please send your banner to banner@phototac.com
 Your banner must be exactly 468x60 pixels (width x height), preferably in GIF or JPG format.
Animated GIFS are ok, as long as they aren't too annoying.
 In the same email, please specify the URL where you want the banner to link to.

If you don't have the resources to make your own banner, email me and I will make one for you for FREE.

After you have emailed me your banner (with link), please make your payment to
ayrow@ayrow.com through PayPal. As soon as your payment arrives, your banner will be put up for 30 days.


If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me using the link below.

I, and everyone who depends on this site for information, thank you for your support!

- Tod F. Parker
Order Prints Recent Incidents Greatest Photo Hits Contact Tod About Important Links