Tod F. Parker is a freelance photographer based in Indianapolis, IN. 
For the last 12 years his photos have been published in dozens of nationally-recognized public safety magazines, training manuals,
books, and specialized websites around the globe.
  His personal website, has become
a massive resource on the internet for firefighters and any other individuals who require
high-quality, detailed photographs of public safety doing their jobs. 

Along with his niche in public safety, he was a regular freelance photographer to the Indianapolis Star and several of
it's parent publications including Carmel Magazine, Fisher/Geist Magazine, and Noblesville Magazine.

He is currently
the staff photographer (Car #131) for Pike Township Fire Department, Wayne Township Fire Dept.,
a Technical Information Specialist (TIS) for Indiana Task Force-1.
He also volunteers his time to the media/photo unit for The Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD).

During severe weather, he is often found chasing storms and reporting spotting information to the NWS
as a certified Skywarn Storm Spotter.  
He is a licensed Ham Radio operator (K3TOD) and specializes in severe weather and lightning photography.

He resides in Indianapolis with his wife and three rowdy boys, where he continues to work as a freelancer, concentrating
on family candids, senior photos, corporate events, and anything else that is memorable and/or meaningful for clients.




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