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Indianapolis, IN

Smoke Symposium

I don't usually use this website to promote programs or material, but I was asked to cover
the Fire Smoke Coalition's Smoke Symposium and it really opened, not only my eyes, but
everyone's eyes who attended.  This is scary stuff.

I am by no means an expert on the subject, so I am not going to say too much other than
it is clear that more attention, research, and development needs to be paid to
smoke exposure and the deadly chemicals inherent therein. 

This research is in it's infancy and is undoubtedly the future of safe firefighting. 
It just needs to be taken more seriously.
Even though I don't personally run into buildings fighting fires, I left this symposium extremely
concerned about what I've possibly done to my own health because of being on-scene at over
800 fires over the last 11 years (!).

This is serious stuff and I hope that the many people on this mailing list (and who visit my website) in the firefighting community
the general media, and other decision-making positions, contact the Fire Smoke Coalition and learn more about what is really going
on with exposure to smoke and the products derived from it.

God Bless and Stay Safe,

Tod F. Parker

The following photographs are from the Fire Smoke Coalition's Smoke
Symposium at Wayne Township Fire Department.  The two-day event included a
half-day of hands-on training focused strictly on metering for HCN.
Questions and inquiries may be directed to  For more
information on the Fire Smoke Coalition and educational programs, please

Shawn Longerich
Executive Director
Cyanide Poisoning Treatment Coalition
120 East Market Street
Suite 1201
Indianapolis, IN  46204
Direct Dial:  317.690.2542
Toll Free:  877.514.5554

"Wear your Air!"



All Photography by Tod F. Parker
Copyright 2009